Marsupial Barcelona arises from a trip to Sydney. Her creator, during her stay in Australia, she realized that she found difficult to find accessories that fit her lifestyle: she needed to be able to carry all her personal stuff all my stuff and keep the hands free because she always moved by bike. In addition to being functional, she wanted them to be versatile and elegant accessories to wear both day and night.

Inspired by the marsupials, the brand name was born as well as the philosophy the products were designed by: comfortable accessories to wear, easy to integrate into our lives and adaptable to any ocasion.


In Marsupial Barcelona we develop a line of products that define a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle with a comfortable, simple and timeless design. Our trademark: to use two materials (leather and denim) and three colors (black, blue and red); a perfect binomial to get a fusion of elegant and urban style.

We are committed to local production and quality throughout all the production process, from the choice of the finest quality of the materials to the close relationship with all our suppliers and manufacturers.


The philosophy of Marsupial Barcelona is to help us reconcile our daily life with our work with accessories that allow us to carry both personal and work objects comfortably and with an elegant, versatile and timeless design.

To design our products we have been inspired by the straight lines and the simplicity of the architecture. A sobriety and minimalism exterior that contrasts with the color and strength of the interior design inspired by urban elements like the metal fence stamped inside. Because in Marsupial Barcelona we are passionate about contrasts: elegant in form and urban inside.


Marsupial Barcelona has been possible thanks to the unconditional support of family and friends and some exceptional collaborators. Thank you for trusting the project and for making this dream comes true.